Precision Cold Forming is a manufacturing process where metal is shaped without removing material. A simple blank (either sawn or cropped from a round bar or wire or as a cold headed pre-form) is placed within a die and a punch is pressed into the blank at ambient temperature. The blank then takes on the form of the punch and the die.

Put more simply, cold-forming is making a shape from material at room temperature; think of Plasticine or Play-Dough where material is pushed into a mould.

We do exactly the same but with hard material such as Copper, Aluminium, Brass or Steel, and we use presses of up to 600 tonnes to form the shape we want. We can also cold form other materials, such as Gold and Silver.

At its most basic, Cold Forming or Cold Heading is typically used to make bolts and screws. By comparison, Precision Cold Forming, as the name implies, uses highly advanced production systems and techniques to manufacture components that are accurate to within a few microns, are often extremely complex in shape and are used in the most demanding applications.


White Paper

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