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The evolution of anti-lock brakes

If you’ve read some of our previous blogs you will see that we have often talked about a wide range of technologies – particularly automotive.  As cars continue to adapt into moving computers, let’s take a look back at one of the greatest engineering advances that Dawson Shanahan has played a part in.

Anti-lock brakes were first introduced during WW2 to help pilots land their aircraft safely – the system utilised a flywheel and complex hydraulic system. Even though this mechanism was ahead of its time it was crying out for a simpler redesign.

Dawson Shanahan played a proud part in redeveloping the brake for heavy bombers. So innovative was the design that the government sourced lathes from America to help development and production but the delivery was interrupted by torpedos and the shipment ended up sitting at the bottom of the Atlantic. Calling all deep-sea divers for a recovery?

Dawson Shanahan has continued to push the boundaries of innovative engineering to this day and is currently a pioneer of cold forming technology. Who knows what engineering innovations we will see over the next 50 years? All we know is that it is an extremely exciting time for engineering.

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