Good For Your Health

Good For Your Health

Copper is a well-known ally of humans when it comes to our health. Mention copper to someone in a healthcare environment and their first thought may be of the essential dietary element that is critical to the proper functioning of our organs and metabolic processes. Beyond this, however, copper plays an important role in keeping […]

<!--:en-->Addressing sustainability with copper<!--:-->

Addressing sustainability with copper

As a company that works with copper day in, day out, we understand its true value and benefits. However, much to our surprise there are many within industry that are yet to realise its superior technical performance and as a result miss out on opportunities to make cost savings or improved the environmental impact of […]

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Copper through the ages

It’s no secret that one of our specialities is the precision cold forming and machining of copper.  We’ve been developing unique ways of handling this versatile material since the company began back in the early forties.  But how did copper come to be used in manufacturing? To find that out, we have to delve into […]