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Riding high – a flying bicycle

Unlikely as it may sound, a team of Czech engineers is claiming to have actually succeeded in designing a flying bicycle. The bizarre vehicle has already gone into production and is due to be tested during August.

The Flying Bike, or ‘FBike’, is designed, like a helicopter, for vertical take-off and landing, and apparently relies on six electrically-driven propellers to lift it off the ground.  The designers of the FBike have calculated that four 10kW compact brushless electric motors for the front and rear twin propellers, plus two 3.5kW stabilised motors, will be enough to achieve lift-off.  The FBike will also require 50Ah Lithium-polymer batteries, gyroscopes and accelerometers, plus, we suspect, a lot of luck.  Nevertheless, keep your eyes peeled during August and if a) you see the FBike overhead, and b) you pass the breathalyser test, contact The Coldformer…

/via http://www.ubergizmo.com/2012/06/fbike-multicopter-bicycle-concept-is-surreal-flight-test-to-commence-in-august/

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