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Powering forward

Electric transport brings hope for enhanced future sustainability and carries with it challenges for the engineering industry, as each advance in one stage of the power transmission chain requires others alongside to match it.

The best current lithium-ion battery, which employs metal oxides in the positive electrode, cannot provide much more than 100 miles of service – not a viable solution for widespread take-up.  However, enhancements to even the smallest components could establish the electric car as a serious competitor to petrol-powered transport.  And such is the need to enhance sustainability – and the potential commercial reward for making a significant advance in the field – it looks likely that solutions will be found to circumvent any problem that stands in the way of electric transport.

At Dawson Shanahan, we have used our renowned cold forming expertise to forge connectors that optimise the performance of electric vehicle charging units.  Our high power connectors are supplying components in oxygen-free, high conductivity material that are vital to ensure there are no power losses in this application.  With more designers and engineers working towards minimising losses and maximising energy efficiency for electric vehicles, maybe we can power towards sustainable future that little bit faster.

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