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Engineering inspiration

Most of us would agree that we need to inspire and support a new generation of engineers here in the UK but the question is, how?  We’re doing our best to inspire young engineers (see, for example, ‘Dawson Shanahan sponsors budding F1 drivers’, elsewhere in the blog); meanwhile, the debate over how to encourage engineering talent continues to generate opinion, debate and plenty of statistics.

Concerned that the UK will require 2.2 million employees over the next five to 10 years, The Engineer columnist Paul Jackson has been looking at attitudes to engineering within the education system.  Jackson discovered that one in five science, design and technology, and maths teachers surveyed by the magazine say they believe a career in engineering is undesirable for their students.

However, Jackson finds some solace in the fact that the Department for Education is currently consulting on extending the legal duty to provide independent careers guidance down to year eight and up to young people aged 16-18.  With a strong predicted demand for engineers, perhaps the careers service can help identify potential and promote engineering as a profession?

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