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Precision cold forming wins the award for…

Another day, another awards ceremony. We may only be halfway through February but the world has already tuned in to the Grammys and the BAFTAs, and there’s still the Brits to come at the end of the month.

Many readers of this blog may not be aware of this, but the team here at Dawson Shanahan are not only avid music enthusiasts, in fact we actually play a big part in music reaching the ears of fans. Our precision cold forming and copper machining capability enables us to utilise Oxygen-Free-High-Conductivity Copper (OFHC) for the production of components used in a range of electronic equipment, including for home audio.

We may not be in the studio alongside the artists recording the next UK Number One, but our contribution to supporting Pharrel Williams’ attempts to use music to make everyone ‘Happy’ shouldn’t be ignored. In fact, as one of the most cost-effective electrical equipment component manufacturing techniques available, some may say precision cold forming and copper machining service is worthy of winning its own award. The ‘Outstanding Contribution to Music’ award seems fitting.

So why should our precision cold forming and copper machining even be nominated for the award, let alone win? Well, OFHC is a notoriously difficult material to machine, yet thanks to our experience and engineering expertise we consistently deliver high quality components. We source the very best materials, maximise component performance, produce minimal waste throughout the project, and all at optimum cost.

We may not have received our invitations to the Brits quite yet, but we’ll certainly be tuning in on Wednesday 25th February. Fingers crossed precision cold forming and copper machining get the appreciation they deserve.

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