Bendgate: Apple getting to the core of the matter

With the mass media (social and traditional) reaction to the news that the new iPhone 6 bends when it’s sat upon, Apple have hit back with a statement describing how the device is machined and also released a short video showing some of the stress tests carried out on them.

In its statement Apple revealed that, “Our iPhones are designed, engineered and manufactured to be both beautiful and sturdy. iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus feature a precision engineered unibody enclosure constructed from machining a custom grade of 6000 series anodized aluminum, which is tempered for extra strength.”

Aside from feeling sorry for Apple because its new products have to stand up to huge amounts of scrutiny, it also brought home the importance of choosing the right material and having a meticulous quality control process for your machined components.

That’s why from first design, to final inspection, we work with our customers to ensure they are choosing the right materials, machine process and protocols to ensure they are getting components of the highest possible standard and durability.

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