<!--:en-->The collapse of the BAE EADS merger: Relief or Disappointment<!--:-->

The collapse of the BAE EADS merger: Relief or Disappointment

Over the last month it has been impossible to avoid hearing talk about the proposed BAE and EADS merger, which fell through on the 10th. Although the reasons behind the collapse in negotiations were undoubtedly complex, and may never be fully explained in the public domain, there has certainly been concern over the possible loss of UK jobs. Tory …

<!--:en-->Channel 4 crashes a Boeing 727<!--:-->

Channel 4 crashes a Boeing 727

The recent documentary aired on Channel 4 last week, showed a dramatic plane crash in the Mexican desert. The crash of the Boeing 727 was intentional, a first-time ever crash test of a commercial passenger aircraft, the very type that we all board whenever we travel abroad. The details of what unfolds during a plane crash has […]